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Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA is offering for sale 3 IRP Voice-Matic MixerS, model DE-4080. ###THESE UNITS DO NOT INCLUDE POWER SUPPLYS###

The DE-4080 (eight channel) Voice-Matic automatic mixers include all
the features needed to head the signal processing chain of any automatically mixed sound system.
All transformer balanced microphone inputs are independently convertible for line level signals and
include switchable phantom power; switched input padding; defeatable 100 Hz High-Pass filters;
3-band TEQ equalization; Automatic/Standard mode selection; channel-status logic outputs; two
single-ended buffered preamplifier outputs - one pre-level control and the other post-gate; plus pre/
post gate assignment to an auxiliary output mixing bus. Individual three band input TEQ tone controls
allow compensation for various frequency response characteristics from a mixture of microphone
types. Automatically mixed input channels route through an enhanced Level-Matic II AGC circuit (with DIP switch bypass). Two line level sources may be mixed to the outputs via an accessory pair
of electronically balanced auxiliary inputs. DIP switch programming allows removal of these auxiliary
signals from the mix to selected outputs. This feature can be used to make a mix-minus connection
of a teleconferencing interface to the mixer; and to use a single tape machine for both recording and
playback without the need of a switch.
The transformer isolated Main output is a mix of the gated microphone signals with NOM count
attenuation and Level-Matic II AGC, ungated signals from input channels switched to STANDARD
mode, plus the auxiliary input signals assigned to this output. An auxiliary mix bus bypasses both the
NOM attenuation and Level-Matic II circuitry. Dual electronically balanced Aux outputs are provided
for tape recordings, teleconferencing, hearing assistance systems, and other off premises transmissions.
The Auxiliary output signals include pre/post gate selection from all microphone channels, plus the
auxiliary inputs assigned to these outputs (each auxiliary input is defeatable from the Aux output
bus). Both auxiliary outputs have an independent level control to compensate varying input sensitivity
requirements of external devices wired to these outputs. To prevent power surge transients, a
supervisory sensing circuit mutes the Main output and Auxiliary output #1 during power interruption
to the mixer.
All audio inputs and outputs use convenient and reliable, removable screw-clamp terminal blocks for
ease of installation. Set-up adjustments for the automatic mode are simplified by a level indication
which illuminates when an input channel sensitivity control is optimally positioned.
The mixer may be set to LAST MIC HOLD mode for the continuity of room ambience in the sound
system and to other output devices. The LAST MIC HOLD feature keeps the most recently activated
input channel held to the ON status until another active input is detected.
The DE-4080 is linkable for the expansion of automatically mixed inputs. MixLink combines all the features of the automatic mixers, including Dynamic Threshold Sensing, NOM
count attenuation, Level-Matic II AGC, LAST MIC HOLD and Automatic/Standard mode selection
among all linked chassis. Identical signals are transmitted to the Main Outputs of all linked mixers.
Aux bus signals are similarly combined and transmitted to the linked chassis Auxiliary Outputs (Aux
Bus signals do not combine when linking with AM-3080/AM-3040 mixers). Easy configuration of
room combining projects is possible via remote activation of link mode among the DE-4080
and AM-3080/3040 series Voice-Matic Mixers.
Complete remote control capability is provided for all standard end-user adjustments. Each of the
Automatically mixed inputs, Auxiliary mix inputs and the Main output may be connected to independent
10kW linear potentiometers for up to 60dB remote level adjustment range. Remote switching activates
90dB muting of the corresponding inputs and/or Main output. Remote selection of Automatic/
Standard mixer operation is also provided.


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