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Fairfax County's Excess Redistribution and Surplus Program Vision To create a program that emphasizes environmental, economic, and social responsibility in the end-of-life management of Fairfax County's surplus items. Goal * All property that a department no longer needs is to be screened for redistribution between all other County departments. * All property no longer needed by all County departments will be sold to the public, as appropriate. * Special consideration will be given to Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments, as well as other public entities. * Items will be considered for potential donation opportunities to appropriate non-profits and public entities. * Guidance will be provided to ensure that property disposal is considered during the procurement process, such that vendors can be accountable for the responsible disposal of their products. Marketing Fairfax County believes in developing relationships with their constituents, be they businesses, citizens, municipalities, or cooperatives. We do this through the Fairfax County Surplus Facebook Fan Page (search "FFXSurplus" in Facebook).

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Auction Title Time Left Bids Current Price
1694425 Lot 6264-007 Goose- Neck Floor Lamp Loc.1901AD
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16 hours 58 min  $7.00 
1694421 Lot 6264-002 Blue Stacking Chairs Loc.2302BH
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16 hours 58 min  $40.00 
1694423 Lot 6264-006 Wood Round Table Loc. Main
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16 hours 58 min  $10.00 
1694426 Lot 6264-008 Blood Presure Gauge Loc.1901AF
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16 hours 58 min  $2.00 

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