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Nine New Super Class Ferries Propulsion Generators
NOTE: The State of Washington Surplus Operations now requires a $50.00 Bid Deposit on each auction over $500.00 in order to ensure fairness to all bidders. The deposit will be reversed if the bidder does not win the auction or no default occurs. The deposit will be retained if the winning bidder defaults. A 6% Buyer's Premium will be charged to the Winning Bidder on each auction at the time of payment. Credit Cards will not be accepted for any purchases over $5,000. Sales Tax will be added to all Non-Vehicle Items.

Failure to pickup your auction within the timeframe mentioned below will result in being blocked from bidding on State of Washington Surplus Operations items. A one-time extension for pickup may be granted, for a fee. Please see Terms & Conditions.
Viewing Hours: M-F By appointment only
Pick up hours: M-F By appointment only
Pick up deadline: 30 days after purchase.
(Please see Terms & Conditions)

This auction is for all nine generators. The winner will be responsible for picking up all nine. The generators are new / never used. All of these generators will be sold together there is no partial sale.

Generator Nos. 1 through 6 are complete, tested inspected and crated. Generator Nos. 7, 8 and 9 are completed to component level only and crated. Note: Generator Nos. 1 through 4 are stored at WSF's warehouse in Seattle; and all other generators are stored at the Teco-Westinghouse facility in Round Rock, Texas. Generators 5-9 in Round Rock, TX will be moved in comming weeks to Longview, WA for storage.

Generator Purchase Summary:

WSF purchased the generators from Teco Westinghouse and that purchase was halted once information became available that indicated the generators should not be used on WSF's Super class vessels (see details below).

At the time the generators were ordered, preliminary analysis didn't reveal any significant engineering obstacles to installing them. WSF had been operating with DC generators for over 40 years without arc flash or fault current problems. WSF intended to replace the existing DC generators with higher-voltage DC generators to enable the Kaleetan and Yakima to operate on fewer engines to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs.

However, such higher voltage design created potential for arc flash or fault current problems. The problem was not the generators but the switchgear that provides the interface and protection for the propulsion system. No one builds circuit breakers which can afford the requisite amount of protection at the power levels that are generated within the propulsion system configuration.


In 2004, Washington State Ferries (WSF) engineers determined that the most cost effective way to replace the main propulsion generators on the Super class ferries M.V. Kaleetan and M.V. Yakima was with the same type of generator (direct current or DC). In addition, it was decided to increase the power of the generators so WSF would be able to run the vessels on two engines rather four which would save a significant amount of fuel (this was part of the fuel saving concepts that lead to the assumption of reduced fuel usage and cost in the 09-11 budget). A Purchase Order was issued in 2006 to Teco-Westinghouse to build two ship-sets of the replacement generators and one spare (total of 9 units). The Purchase Order value was $5.3 million. In 2009, during the course of final detail design of the electrical system to connect to the replacement generators, questions arose on whether this type of generator could safely function without arc flash being created. While this has never happened to date, this put into question whether the generators could be used at increased power without unacceptable consequences and breakdowns. WSF studied the issue and determined the risk to be unacceptable. WSF sought opinions of two independent manufacturers and three mooring engineering firms and they agreed with WSF's conclusions.


Generator Manufacturer: Teco - Westinghouse
Application: DC Generator
Winding Type: Stabilized, Shunt Wound, Separately Excited
Cooling Type: Air cooled
Bearings: Single (Pedestal, Commutator end)
Frame Size: DD514.7
Rated Electrical Output: (kw) 2300
Rated Speed: (RPM) 900
Shaft Rotation: CCW (Facing Commutator End)
Rated Armature Voltage: (V DC) 700 (At 900 RPM)
Rated Armature Current: (A DC) 3285
Shunt Field Voltage: (V DC) 218 (Calculated, Hot)
Full Shunt Field Current: (A DC) 22.1 (Calculated)
Insulation Class: (Class) F
Duty Class: (IEC S Code) S1
Enclosure: Totally enclosed; watertight to bottom of shaft; IP-44 above that point

Please see attached Document for further information on the specifications.


All the Generators are new/never used and are crated for transport. Please see pictures below.

Generators #1, #2, #3 and #4: 100% complete, dynamically tested, ABS Inspected
(stored at WSF Warehouse in Seattle, WA; disassembled components are crated)

Generators #5 and #6: 100% complete, dynamically tested, ABS Inspected
(stored at the Teco-Westinghouse facility in Round Rock, TX; disassembled components are crated)

Generators #7, #8 and #9: Completed to component level; components statically tested only; NO ABS Inspection
(stored at the Teco-Westinghouse facility in Round Rock TX; components are crated)

Added Information:
The generators are in two locations.

Seattle WA
8 crates, four contain field frames they are 7'9" x8' 10" X 8'10"
Four contain rotors they are 5' x a2' x 5' 9"

Longview WA
10 crates 5 of each size as above.

There is forklift service available in Longview but not in Seattle.

Component weight are on the PDF attachment on the Auction Site.

"As Is"/"As Pictured"

Pick up:
These generators will have to be picked up from two separate locations.
- One location is at
DOT Washington State Ferries
6000 - 6th Ave. South
Seattle, WA. 98108 - US

- The other is at
Teco Westinghouse
5100 North IH-35
Round Rock TX 78681

The generators in Texas will be moved to a warehouse in Longview Washington in upcoming weeks. The address will be adjusted when we are aware the move.


Loading & transporting of this vehicle/equipment is the buyer's responsibility

Payment Instructions: Payment for this item will need to be made in person at 7511 New Market Street, Tumwater, WA 98501, OR by calling (360) 407-1901 to make payment arrangements over the phone OR by sending a wire transfer, prior to pick up at the agency location. The receipt for this item can be mailed to the winning bidder if he/she is not able to make it to our Tumwater location.

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 200-360-040: All sales of surplus property are "as is," and the state takes no responsibility for and makes no guarantees with respect to items sold: Provided, That the state shall make a statement of the condition of the merchandise, including major known defects, before sale. No sale shall be invalid due to defects discovered after sale which may have been discovered by a reasonable inspection of the property before sale.
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