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# of Bids 115 
First Offer $1,000.00
Auction Started Mar 7, 2012 10:22:59 PM MST
Auction Ended Apr 20, 2012 5:43:04 PM MDT
Seller State of Washington Liquor Control Board
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LCB Store #113    [Map It]
118 NE 45TH ST
Seattle, WA  98105
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  1. Your User Name, Personal or Business Name, Phone Number, Address and e-mail
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Bidders Options and Related Bid Valuation
To ensure maximum reasonable value for this auction process, the potential expenses to the state of removing store fixtures and disposing of inventory will be considered. The bidder is responsible for paying their bid amount, plus 6% buyer's premium, and any fixture or inventory removal costs that may apply. To see the anticipated expense to the state for removing store fixtures and disposing of inventory at this store, please refer to the Cost Avoidance Workbook.

Recently built in the former Hollywood video location on 45th ave NE. Across from Dicks Drive in. This store ranks in the top ten of all stores for sales in domestic & Irish whiskey's. Huge lobby with concrete floors, excellent parking, visibility and loading.

Quick Stats

Store #:113
Store Established:2010
Approx. Cost Base of Current Inventory:$153,889
Fiscal Year 2011 Gross Sales:$4,934,800
Approx. Square Footage:6,706
Typical Staffing Level:4-8 Employees
Typical Hours of Operation:Mon - Thu 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Fri - Sat 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
Sunday - Closed

What Does the Winner Receive?
The winning bidder shall be granted;

  1. the exclusive right to apply for a spirit retail license at the location of the existing state liquor store in its current footprint.

  2. the ability to sell spirits, if licensed to do so, at a retail location less than 10,000 ft2. (Note: this is otherwise not allowed by law except for specific and limited exceptions)

  3. the right to sell spirits, if licensed to do so, at this location which is not subject to challenge by local jurisdictional authorities.

  4. the remaining store fixtures such as shelving and gondolas

What Are the Winners Options?
The winning bidder shall have the following options;

  1. In the event the winning bidder is unable to reach agreement with the landlord, they may request the relocation of the right to another address within one (1) radius mile of the state store location. The new location would be subject to jurisdictional comment.

  2. Purchase all remaining inventory in the store as of the close of business on May 31, 2012 at a special discounted price of cost less $7.97 per case. Bidder would be required to obtain a spirit retail license in order to purchase the inventory.

  3. Engage the landlord and pursue a lease for occupancy of the location associated with the right.

  4. Sell or transfer the right to another individual.

  5. Do nothing.


What Additional Information is Available?
There are additional data sheets and resources available to bidders

  1. F.A.Q's: A list of the most common questions and answers related to this auction process.

  2. Data Book: Compilation workbook for all stores reporting on annual sales, income statements, inventory levels, square footage, landlord contact information, and more.

  3. Licensing Information: Learn critical information necessary to apply and qualify for a spirit retail license.

  4. Auction Terms & Conditions: Read the full details of all auction terms and conditions which apply to this transaction and the associated rights, remedies, and options to those parties involved.

  5. Full Text of I-1183: Interested parties who would like to read more about the provisions of I-1183 may access the full text.

What if I have More Questions?
To assist the bidder with specific questions, and/or issues, we provided a FAQs attachment. If you have additional questions or concerns, please utilize the question feature within Public Surplus.


In accordance with I-1183, Section 102 (4)(c), the Washington State Liquor Control Board is selling "by auction open to the public the right at each state-owned store location of a spirits retail licensee to operate a liquor store upon the premises. Such right must be freely alienable and subject to all state and local zoning and land use requirements applicable to the property. Acquisition of the operating rights must be a precondition to, but does not establish eligibility for, a spirits retail license at the location of a state store and does not confer any privilege conferred by a spirits retail license. Holding the rights does not require the holder of the right to operate a liquor-licensed business or apply for a liquor license."

Interested parties who would like to read more about the provisions of I-1183 may access the Full Text of I-1183.
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