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Auction Started Apr 13, 2018 4:45:31 PM MDT
Auction Ended Apr 20, 2018 1:30:00 PM MDT
Seller City of Chicago
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Dept. of Procurement Services - Salvage Operations    [Map It]
10101 S. Stony Island Avenue
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Chicago, IL  60617
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ATTENTION BIDDERS: Important changes have been made to the Auction Terms and Conditions that impact the procedures related to the pick-up of vehicles and equipment by winning bidders and how Titles are processed at the time of removal from our facility. Please take the time to carefully read the Terms and Conditions linked to all auctions prior to bidding. 

NOTE: Sale of 9 Vehicles -  Vehicles Sold as One Lot.

Vehicle list is attached (under the pictures) as a PDF Document.

Please note the attached affidavit (PDF below the pictures) that must be signed by the winning bidder. Payment must be made by the winning, licensed bidder; no third party checks or third party credit card payments will be accepted.

Vehicles are sold for scrap and parts only and are not to be returned to street usage. 
Equipment Inspection:
Salvage Operations 10101 South Stony Island Avenue
Monday through Friday, 8a-3p CST
Closed Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Bidding is restricted to buyers who have a scrap processing license, automotive rebuilder's license or automotive parts recycling license. Prospective bidders must submit this license prior to bidding. All vehicles are without title and must be crushed/recycled to the extent that they are rendered inoperative for street use.

Property must be paid for and removed within five (5) business days of auction award. Buyer will also provide all appropriate licenses, including scrap processing license, rebuilder's license or automotive parts recycling license. Buyer must comply with all applicable sections and subsections of 625 ILCS 5/Chapter 5, Articles 3, 4 & 5 of the Illinois Vehicle Code including, Sections 5-301, 5-302, 5-401.2, 5-401.3, 5-402.1, 5-403, 5-403.1, 5-501, 5-502, 5-503 & 5-504. No "Certificate of Purchase" will be issued. Bidders are forbidden to apply for "Certificate of Title." Vehicles cannot be used for transportation. Buyer is to furnish all labor and equipment.

If buyer subcontracts all or a portion of the labor and equipment to remove the property from the sale location, buyer is required to provide subcontractor(s) information in writing prior to any vehicles being removed. Subcontractors not disclosed herein will not be allowed to remove any vehicles.

The information listed above is all the information that is available to us on the item(s) for sale. We encourage all interested parties to view the items before bidding, as specified in our terms and conditions.

Photos are a sample representation of the scrap vehicles being offered for auction. Bidders are encouraged to review the scrap vehicle inventory list (attached below) prior to bidding.
Condition:  POOR
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The City of Chicago online auctions are opened to the general public, unless otherwise stated in the auction description. However, City of Chicago employees and their relatives will not be permitted to bid.


Please review the City of Chicago Online Auction Terms and Conditions.

All auction questions must be directed to the Public Surplus online question section or to the Department of Procurement Services. Failure to abide by these rules may result in being blocked from bidding on future auctions.

Good Luck and thank you for participating in our program.
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