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The City of Houston's Asset Disposition Team generated over $2.1M in FY2014 by selling the City's disposable assets via the Internet at The revenue generated from these sales goes back into the City's budget. Most of the $2.1M can be attributed to the sales of the City's retired vehicles and heavy equipment fleet. In addition to the direct efforts of the Asset Disposition team, every City Department has become proactive in supporting the Mayor's initiative to develop innovative ways to recycle resources back to the City without burdening local taxpayers. Our vision is to become a self-supporting and revenue-producing source of funds for the City's General Fund.

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Auction Title Time Left Bids Current Price
2118004 Stanchions - Airport Auction Lot 1133
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9 hours 56 min  $56.00 
2115355 2009 NAC Friction Testor ~ HAS-39091
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14 hours 56 min  $1,000.00 
2115448 1995 International 4700 Dump Truck ~ PWE-23660
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14 hours 56 min  16  $3,827.00 
2115221 2006 Ford Taurus ~ HPD-35116
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14 hours 56 min  $500.00 
2115113 2011 Ford Expedition (2WD) ~ HPD-41432
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14 hours 56 min  $500.00 

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