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Welcome to the Liquor Control Board's (LCB) Auction site. If you are looking for an incredible business opportunity, you are in the right spot. For 78 years, the LCB has managed a very profitable liquor retailing business that has grown to over $888 million in annual gross sales with a healthy profit of 14% on net sales. Now you have the opportunity to start a business in your local community and even establish a chain of stores across the entire state.

This web site will provide you with a variety of information to help you understand what exactly is being auctioned, how the auction will work, and detailed information about the store locations involved. We are glad that you are here and hope that you find the right business opportunity.

    Next Steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with this webpage. There are important links above that will provide you with additional detailed information about this auction and related elements.
  2. Read the articles below so that you understand the basics of what is being auctioned, how the process will work, and background on the liquor licensing process.
  3. Register yourself as a prospective bidder. Although anyone can browse the auction web site, only those who are registered and provide a bid deposit will be allowed to submit a bid. Additionally, those who do register will also receive a supplemental information packet.

    What Exactly is Being Auctioned?

    A successful bidder owns the exclusive rights to apply for a spirit retail license associated with the location of the former state liquor store in its current footprint. This is a special right that allows those who are separately licensed to...Read More What are the rules for Liquor Retailers?

    To implement I-1183 the Liquor Control Board is required to make changes to existing administrative rules...Read More

    How Do I Preview the Store?

    State store lobbies are open to the public during regular business hours. Prospective bidders can request an appointment to visit the backroom, office and storage space by...Read More

    How Do I Submit a Bid Deposit?

    Submitting a bid deposit is easy and will help ensure...Read More

    How Will the Auction Process Work?

    This auction will be conducted online and be open to the public. Anyone who registers is welcome to submit a bid. The auction will open on March 8, 2012 and close on April 20, 2012. This period will allow...Read More

    How will an Auction Winner be Determined?

    I-1183 requires the state to generate maximum reasonable value through this public auction. Because we are accepting bids for both individual stores as well as the whole store network. A comparison will be made between...Read More

    What are the requirements for submitting a letter of intent to lease?

    In order for the LCB to consider a Bidder's intent and ability to assume responsibility for the fixtures in a store, a Landlord's Letter of Intent must be submitted...Read More

    What are the requirements for financial institution proof of funds?

    In order for the LCB to consider a Bidder's intent and ability to purchase the remaining inventory in a store, a Proof of Funds Letter must be submitted...Read More

    Do I Need a Liquor License, How Do I Get It?

    One interesting aspect of I-1183 is that the winning bidder is actually not required to apply for a liquor license or operate a liquor licensed business. Therefore, you do not need a spirit retail license until you are planning to exercise your exclusive rights. Most will likely want to... Read More

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